Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wing On Wing

After several days of sweat and grime in the control deck / engine room, we sailed.

Moments after the bottom was cleaned, including a propeller coated in barnacles, Tonya and I motored out of the canal.

The difference in performance was staggering. At a very low engine rpm, she glided at 4 kts. Without any smoke from the engine. Once clear of the island, I hoisted the main and cut the diesel. Next I unfurled the headsail and we shot out into the turquoise bay.

Tonya loves sailing, and is especially fond of going fast with a rail on the water, which means the boat is tilting sideways as is speeds along.

The sky was overcast but wind was excellent. We turned to sail with the wind, and I moved the jib into the Wing on Wing position. Very fun.

We briefly saw a few Atlantic bottle nose dolphins just as we came clear of the channel 5 bridge and hit a new top speed of 7.7 knots per hour.

All the hard work paid off. 

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